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New Brunswick

The official tartan of New Brunswick was commissioned by William Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook in 1959 and designed by the Loomcrofters in Gagetown, New Brunswick. It was officially adopted as the provincial tartan by an Order in Council in the same year. The "beaver brown" colour was included to honour Beaverbrook, and the red honours the courage and loyalty of the New Brunswick Regiment and Loyalist settlers. Its International Tartan Index number is 1880. This complicated tartan was designed by the Loomcrofters in Gagetown and was adopted by the province in 1959. It was registered with CIPO on the 27th April 1959.
The colours are:
   forest green for lumbering;
   meadow green for agriculture;
   blue for the coastal and inland waters and
   an interweaving of gold, symbol of the province’s potential wealth.
   The red blocks signify the loyalty and devotion of the early Loyalist settlers and the Royal New Brunswick Regiment.
   The brown band commemorates the ‘beaver’ from Lord Beaverbrook the press baron who is said to have commissioned the first weaving.