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The Ensign of Ontario tartan was registered by CIPO to Rotex in April 1965.  ITI 2032   The Ensign of Ontario tartan was the accepted tartan of Ontario until 2006, when it was superseded by The Official Ontario Provincial tartan. ITI 6627

The design of the Ensign Of Ontario tartan was inspired by the Provincial Coat of Arms.
 The yellow represents the three maple leaves which appear on the green background of the coat of arms and
the red from the Cross of St. George on the upper part.  The black represents the bear which appears at the top of the shield.  The brown is the colour-combination created by the moose on the left and the deer on the right of the shield.

The Ontario Tartan
Designed in 2000 by Jim MacNeil.

Purported to be based loosely on the tartan of Sir John Sandfield Macdonald, the first Premier of the province.
Its three greens symbolize the forests and fields of Ontario and the two blues depict the huge expanses of water in the province. The First Nations (Canadian Indians) of Ontario are represented by the red, and the sky over the province is depicted by white.