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Royal Stewart

This pattern is listed in records Wilson's of Bannockburn from around 1800 where they called it ‘Royal Stewart'. Why is unknown but from surviving specimens and records it was obviously a popular fashion tartan at the time. Suggestions by various authors that the sett was known at the end of the 18th century and it was reputed to have been worn by one of Bonnie Prince Charlie's followers in the 1745 Rising are unproven and likely to be a myth. George IV wore this on his visit to Scotland in 1822 and it was adopted by Queen Victoria for the Royal Family. King George V tried to restrict this for use of the Royal Family but that proved impossible because of its widespread used over many years as a popular fashion tartan. Instead he restricted the Balmoral tartan for their use. Early samples show Blue and Light Blue used interchangeably. There are blue, black, dress, hunting and green variations of this sett.    ITI1370 STR3958