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How to make multiple suspenders the same length


 First published  11/6/2015


We each have our own preferences for where we like our suspenders sliders to be.  The sliders are the rectangular silver pieces that go cross ways on the front of your suspenders. This blog explains how to take your suspenders apart and adjust them to the length that gives you the appearance you are looking for. 

This is particularly important if you want all the members of your bridal party to have the same look.  

First you need to loosen your suspender sliders and decide how far up your chest you want your sliders to be.  If you decide to move the sliders down the remaining loop of your suspenders may be to long.

Tighten the sliders again. The clip for attaching to your pants may now be below your waistband.  Measure the number of inches that the clips goes below the top of your pants.  This is the amount you are going to cut off your suspenders.  A good rule is to always cut off less than you think you need to the first time.  You can always go back and re-cut to shorten a slight bit more if necessary.

Start by laying your suspenders on the table on their edge. Gently pull the front and back of the sliders apart. ​ ​​
Inside the sliders are two little flaps that are pressed down to hold the end of the suspender in place.  Gently pry them open.
Now you can remove the end of the suspender from the slider.  

Now you will cut off the number of inches that you measured earlier.  The ends of the suspenders do not have to be re-sewn as they are unseens enclosed in the slider.

Put the cut end of the suspender back into the slider and close the flaps. Tightly press by hand the front and back pieces of the slider together.

Enjoy your lined up look.

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