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How to measure your head for a Flat cap size


 First Published 1/3/2018


To measure for your flat cap use a soft measuring tape or piece of string to go around your head in the following pattern.  Starting on the forehead below your hairline, go to above your ears and around to the fullest part of the back of your head.  Measure three times and take an average.  This number in inches or centimeters is what we need to know.  

If the hat is going to be a surprise gift you can measure the inside circumference of a hat that the person already wears.  

The flat caps are designed to be slightly adjustable and will be made toward the top of the size range.  If you know the exact size you will be needing please add a comment to your order.  The following sizes are available: 

3-6 M (16-17 in)
6-12 M (17-18.5 in)
12-18 M (18-19.5 in)
18-24 M (19-20.5 in)
2-5 Years (20-21 in)
5-10 Years (20.5-21.5in)
Adult S (21.25-22 in)
Adult M (21.75-22.5 in)
Adult L (22.5-23.25 in)
Adult XL (23-23.75 in)
Adult XXL (23.75+ in)
We have many flatcaps available right here at Taylors Tartans.

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